5. Test schedulesΒΆ

To date, two sets of tests at all levels and classes as defined in Section Test identification. Each of these tests took a significant effort from all team members in order to perform and report on the results.

Due to the amount of effort required, full tests to the same extent as previous tests will only be performed when absolutely necessary and within available staff resources.

Because of the amount of effort required, more automated tests in the component, interface, and system levels (primarily in the form of expected_value class tests) that can be integrated into the system provisioning and Ansible configuration processes to assist with regression testing and acceptance testing of bugfix and feature branches prior to making new releases. The use of the TAP-compliant Bats program, and Robot Framework (see Section Software Items Table), will eventually allow an automated test and report generation flow that could support more frequent testing with less staff time required to perform the testing.