6. Requirements traceabilityΒΆ

Traceability to requirements in this document is done in Section Test identification using intersphinx document linking as part of the SR reference line in test descriptions. This creates hypertext links to reference the requirements and/or user stories from the appropriate sub-section(s) of Section Requirements from the document DIMS System Requirements v 2.9.0, like this:

. . .

  1. Test levels: Component interface
  2. Test type or class: Expected value, simulated data, erroneous input, desk check
  3. Qualification method: Test
  4. SR reference: [[dwaUserStory7]] DWA User Story 7
  5. Special requirements: Access to the DIMS JIRA tool
  6. Type of data to be recorded: Tester, Execution date, Status (Pass/Fail)

. . .


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